Adam Financial LLP offers comprehensive tax services for individuals and businesses with a focus on tax planning. Our goal is to develop personalized solutions that help taxpayers stay in compliance with existing regulations while taking advantage of various opportunities available within the tax code.

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Estate Planning
  • Private Foundations
  • Tax Planning
  • Entity Structuring
  • Multi State Taxation
  • Foreign Subsidiary’s
  • International

Each business and individual tax situation is unique and as such, we take the time required to fully understand the specific issues and challenges so we can develop solutions that work for you.

We utilize state of the art software and hardware which provides us with the necessary tools to address your needs. We utilize a paperless system for our tax workpapers which significantly reduces paper use and increases efficiency and effectiveness. All returns we prepare are electronically filed on a safe and secure platform.

One tool we utilize is the availability of filing extensions when necessary to help our clients. While the extension gives you additional time to file the return it does not give you an extension to pay as all tax liabilities need to be fully paid by the due date of the return. The extension does however allow the taxpayer additional time to pull together necessary documents and gives us more time to review more complex returns. It may also give certain taxpayers additional time to fund retirement plans.

Example of when an extension can be beneficial:
We were preparing a return for a new client and when we inquired about making a traditional IRA contribution and the response was; “I cannot afford to make that contribution by April 15 as I have some necessary home improvements and my cash flow is tight.” We knew that their business was seasonal so we suggested that they start a SEP and file an extension which allowed them to fund the SEP by October 15. By aligning their cash flow with this SEP contribution they were able to contribute and deduct $15,000 and reduce their taxes by approximately 32%. In addition to the tax savings they also met their objective of investing for retirement.