Our client accounting services range from QuickBooks training and basic reconciliations to full accounting services where we pay all bills and maintain the general ledger for individuals or businesses. Ideally, we like to train our clients to be self-sufficient with their ongoing accounting needs, however some do not have the time, skills or resources to accomplish these tasks. In this case we can provide the necessary assistance to help our clients in a cost-effective manner.

Our staff is well trained with a focus on attention to details. We take pride in our reconciliation process which minimizes errors and creates a set of accurate accounting records necessary to prepare a tax return that minimizes audit risk. In addition to having accurate records for tax preparation needs, a clean reconciled general ledger leads to better management decisions and supports due diligence for those selling their businesses.

We also help our clients stay in compliance with other regulatory matters such as tracking information and preparation of Forms 1099, sales taxes, annual reports and other required filings.

Our focus with our client accounting services is primarily directed to existing clients that we prepare the tax returns and financial statements.

The services we provide include:

  • General Ledger maintenance
  • Account reconciliations
    Bank accounts, Accounts receivable
  • Financial reports for management
  • Financial reports for accountants
  • Banking
  • Payroll processing (internally or with a service)
  • Sales tax
  • Bill paying
    check writing, online payments
  • Billing
  • Work paper preparation to support financial statements and tax returns
  • QuickBooks desktop training & consulting
  • Spreadsheet development
  • Part-time CFO/Controller role
    Once a week, Once a month, Once a quarter
  • Budget development
  • Budget monitoring
  • Report development
    Dashboards, Daily, weekly, monthly & annual reports
  • Property management support